Padovan Sequence

by Sound Strider

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Taking the game a level higher and exploring uncharted sonic territory Padovan Sequence blends mathematics, wisdom and polyrhythm into a spellbinding progression of rising temporal investigations. From the off kilter, atmospheric bounce of Polyegg Eighty-Six to the aching strings and ecstaticly brassified mania of TAZ 200. The only thing you can be sure of is to expect the unexpected.


released July 23, 2014

Artwork by Matik Design
Mastered by Bo Kondren @ Calyx




Sound Strider France

"deliriously trippy psychedelia that sounds like nothing else in electronic music."
- Kevin, Indies & the Underground

"an essential soundtrack for those brave enough to approach music as going on a journey"
- Wil Cifer, Soletron

"almost too weird to dance to"
- Ryan HL Robinson,
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Track Name: Operation Mindfuck 1.14
Coz we bursting through barriers
and we float like harriers
this wave will carry us
to the edge of infinity
to the edge of forever
the suspense is killing me
continue the endeavour
won't ever reach the limit
breach the tip and transmit
living it
the way that it should be lived
we will never submit
never flip
cop hit after hit
we gotta push this shit
and make it infinite
infatuated by the chase
can't escape the race
so play your part
make your mark
before it all bursts apart
and we go back to start
back to the heart
feel the rhythm of my being vibrate
and now Im feeling like Im part of the whole
at one with the world
but the universe is cold
we gotta heat this shit up
so party people move your souls
while these sonic waves help destruct the mold
the rusty old
chains that bind us
jealousy and mindless lust
we must push til we bust
strain til we fade
and expand until we're crushed
and it won't ever be enough

So I rhyme in time to bring your mind in line
and send my neural electricity down your spine
so lets grind lets groove
tap your feet and move
to this new age groove
fuck the new age dudes
I rock new school moods
and eat electric foods
coz I'm fed by the wire
thats linked to the net
while these thoughts from my mind get caught by the net
set the pressure to press the message
and spread like relish
the miracle fetish come and get it
never fettered or fretting about
your ways or your methods
coz I know its all part of the never ending menace
while ever spending tenants
hang from third floor tenement rafters
everywhere I look I see disaster
the mouldy festered dying remnants
of the glory that we once harboured
so carve your name into the rock
coz if we don't stop then the beat won't stop
and the life wave rolls to wash away the props
and I got
much respect for truth seekers
curious minds and inquisitive seekers
coz the search is the meaning
and curiosity our guide
in this ever flowing river
of being thought and time

And now we stepping correct
with this needle I inject
The drug into your brain and your brain into the net
murdering souls like the devils rejects
I effect the change
that you needed to engage
you'll never keep us caged
in this prison that we paid
for with our hearts, minds
with our life and times
can't keep us blind
to the bars of the grind
look deep inside
you know that you will find
the source of all the problems stems from your kind
so don't get left behind
or this prison planet will swallow your mind
drink it up whole and consume your soul
turn the thing that you are into a gaping hole
coz you locked on the goal
thinking that you stole
now you chained to a rock for taking your own gold
gotta break the hold
and burn the chains
take control of your fate
and ignore the pain
the curious mind stays sane
so aim to maintain
a sense of wonder
a sense of the world
before it disappears in the misty whorls
of smoke that rise from the stacks
don't choke on the taste of the crack
got hope that you'll make it back
coz its dark outside and they're waiting to pounce
sharks trying tempt you with an ounce
how far do you think it'll mount?
how high do you think you can count?
welcome to infinity bitch
by way of the ark
but hark
hear the cold wind blowing
if you want to escape
then you really must be going